The arts are valuable for so many reasons.

They inspire us and touch us; they bring beauty and joy to our lives; they bring us together to share rich experience. And they have a measurable impact on our economy. We at South Sound Together want to make the most of this impact and help it grow.

Americans for the Arts’ most recent Arts & Economic Prosperity Study included 66 Tacoma arts organizations, which had a total economic impact of $137 million, including nearly $63 million that the arts audience spends in our community before and after shows or museum visits. More than one quarter of those who take in our region’s arts events live outside the county, and those coming from a distance spend 53 percent more than local consumers. The local arts organizations who participated in the survey create the equivalent of 3,656 full-time jobs. This is the third time Tacoma has participated in the study, and the reported impact has increased every year.

We at South Sound Together want to magnify the impact of the arts and related activities. We’re supporting the Arts & Culture Coalition’s efforts to increase participation in arts, science and heritage activities; learn what you value in these experiences, and weave culture more deeply into the fabric of our community. The coalition, a group of 26 Pierce County arts, science and heritage organizations, will be conducting workshops and research toward its aim of increasing county residents’ access to, knowledge about and participation in the arts, science and heritage of our region.

Learn more about the Coalition or share what you value about cultural arts in our community.

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