Use It

Live Like the Mountain is Out belongs to everyone, just like the mountain itself. The South Sound Proud spirit can be seen on calloused hands and in a runner’s stride. Spot it on a lapel pin, on the wall of a coffee shop in Sumner, on the side of a bus in Lakewood, at the top of a building in Tacoma and in the features below.

How can I use it? Most any way you choose. Use it “as is” or create something entirely new. You can customize photos with a Live Like the Mountain Is Out frame, or download existing designs and photos to use as you like. Use #SouthSoundProud and #LiveLiketheMountainIsOut to join the conversations and find new connections.

Are there any rules? Please be true to the South Sound Proud spirit, honoring people and celebrating community. If you choose to use the mountain badge with South Sound Proud beneath, please reproduce it faithfully without altering it. Learn more.

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