We’re here to recognize the good neighbors who make our community go ‘round. Meet several people who deserve a nod as we #ThankASouthSounder.⁠


The Mosesly Family 

A family that works together = success! And it’s why we are sending a huge high five to this Tacoma family for its creation of a life skills game and company, Tacoma Publishing Company. ⁠

Korbett Mosesly, along with his three sons, Andre, Deanon and Kaisean, created “Success Factors,” a new game designed to have fun while learning about investing, financial literacy, life-planning, and philanthropy. To win, players must build wealth, invest in themselves, and the community. The game is designed for 2-6 players who earn money as their token travels through the board, with the overall goal being to have the most philanthropic investments and wealth at the end of the game. ⁠

The family worked on the game during COVID and launched it in November. Since then, it has sold over 250 copies, including to several school districts and youth programs. Korbett says his sons have shown leadership throughout the process, helping with everything from product design and game rules development, to packaging and shipments. Future updates look to include discussion cards around marijuana, alcohol, stress, and mental wellness as part of a collaboration with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.⁠

Catch Andre and Deanon at the Tacoma Farmers Markets Thursdays (Broadway 10-3 through Aug. 26, 10-2 Sept. 2 – Oct. 28) and Sundays (Point Ruston 10-2 through Sept. 26) to purchase your signed copy of the game or online at www.tacomapublishing.com.⁠


John Franich and Mike Hu 

John Franich and Mike Hu have been critical to keeping the Boys and Girls Club of South Puget Sound running seamlessly in its transition to remote operations more than a year ago, in addition to the added technology needed to its sites. (They also traveled to staff homes in 2020 to set up equipment as well.) And they also have been known to pitch in and help move furniture when needed! As schools were closed for the majority of the 2020 and early 2021, the clubs played an integral role in allowing kids to learn at their sites and distributed laptops to its kids too. And BGCSPS also started a new Virtual Club program during the pandemic with their help. ⁠

“They are incredible,” says Jinny Horan, director of marketing and communications for the clubs.⁠


Michael Clark

Michael Clark is a private music teacher who takes his students to perform at community events as a way to help kids learn and provide no-cost entertainment to organizations that can’t afford it. He’s also connected some of his students who don’t have the finances to buy instruments to local piano tuners and builders for affordable instruments —  and he volunteers his time to teach kids who can’t get access to music. He does this while juggling his main job as director and founder of Lakewood’s Music Lab. (Find out more about Michael and his work at Musiclabtacoma.com).⁠

And COVID-permitting, he also takes students to Seattle to see the symphony perform every now and then. “It’s a blast when we do that,” Michael says. ⁠

He’s gone above and beyond to make sure kids get music education throughout the past year and a half of the pandemic when programs started making cuts in schools.⁠

We thank you, Michael. Your work behind the scenes makes our community better!⁠⁠

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐⁠

We are honoring the amazing people who make our community go ‘round. We’re talking about good neighbors, good deeds and just all-around awesome people who make our lives better by being who they are. They don’t do it for the recognition but deserve a big THANK YOU from all of us anyway.⁠⁠

Who should we thank? Tell us their story using #ThankASouthSounder or message us with the details at [email protected].  We want to make them feel special.⁠⁠

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