We’re excited about the South Sound’s wonderful people, and we want to spread the word in innovative ways as well as tried and true ones. That was the impetus behind our South Sound Proud campaign, which communicates our enthusiasm with an image of the South Sound’s most famous natural wonder, Mount Rainier, and with the slogan “Live Like the Mountain Is Out.”

The campaign has been making a splash this spring, showing up on sidewalks, coffee cup sleeves and coasters, and even on rooftops. This news-making launch has been a long time coming: We spent much of last year developing the campaign, looking at what South Sound residents see as the region’s strengths and working with Tacoma creative agency Jay Ray on ways to convey our indomitable spirit and zest for adventure.

We and Jay Ray put just as much effort into the launch as we did into the development. We wanted to surprise South Sound residents and generate just as much excitement as we feel. Jay Ray contracted with Rotator Creative, a Tacoma agency that specializes in out-of-the-box marketing and communications, to communicate our message in fresh ways. And Rotator in turn enlisted help from a half-dozen more creative people and organizations that spotlighted the South Sound’s pride through such projects as puppet giveaways and public art installations.

Like the campaign itself, the behind-the-scenes story of the launch is a tale of a community of makers, builders and do-it-yourselfers, a community where all kinds of people and organizations work together. And that’s the story of South Sound, then and now: It’s a place where hard work and determination meet creativity and cooperation.

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