A lot of South Sound Together’s work focuses on sharing the good news about our region – a great place to live and a good place to do business. Yet we take a special joy in helping make the South Sound even better. We partner with organizations that work to build strong neighborhoods and successful businesses, funding small grants to help them help more people and businesses.

This year, we’re supporting people and organizations that make a difference in our community in a variety of ways.

We’re powering people who get things done. South Sound Together is giving $10,000 to the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation to support its Spark Grants, which fund grassroots organizers and go-getters with big ideas. Applications are being accepted until 4 p.m. Oct. 13; get details here. One of the Spark Grants we funded last year helped the Key Peninsula Firewood Bank keep South Sound residents warm in the winter. The bank, project of husband-wife team Larry and Anita Henderson, delivers firewood to disabled people, seniors, veterans and those with low incomes. Watch a video about this labor of love.

We’re helping small businesses – and our region’s economy – grow. South Sound Together is giving $10,000 to Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise program, which supports fledgling businesses with coaching, strategic planning, mentorship programs and more. Among the businesses Spaceworks is supporting this year is Adventures by Appointment, which has two “escape rooms” that provide fun and interactive adventure experiences for families, friends and co-workers to share.

We’re honoring children and helping people have fun. South Sound Together is giving $15,000 to the Children’s Museum of Tacoma to fund projects that will make Pierce County more playful. The grants will go to small groups of people who have great ideas for encouraging children and adults to play.

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