Pierce Transit bus

South Sound Together celebrates the passionate people who, as our South Sound Proud motto proclaims, “Live Like the Mountain Is Out.” We’re excited whenever we spot those words and the Mt. Rainier logo, whether it be on T-shirts or stickers, murals or billboards.

Now, the “Live Like the Mountain Is Out” motto can be seen all over Pierce County, and we couldn’t be prouder Pierce Transit has put it on a bus.

Every few years, Pierce Transit shows its community spirit by wrapping a bus with an inspiring design that reminds people about what makes South Sound special. (Past examples include a Daffodil Festival-decked bus and one with a military theme.)

“Pierce Transit has been serving the South Sound for almost forty years, and we are thrilled to be part of this campaign that proclaims how proud we are to be part of this community,” said CEO Sue Dreier, a member of South Sound Together. “What better tool could there be than a bus to spread this message around our community every day?”

The bus — and our motto — will be well traveled, taking turns on various routes throughout the county and appearing in parades and at local events. And it will keep the good news rolling for the next several years, reminding us all that our region is a great place to live — and work and play — like the mountain is out.

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