Cooperation, collaboration, community. At South Sound Together we believe that these concepts are critical to strengthening our region, and they’re the foundation of the South Sound Alliance, a project we’ve supported for the past year and a half. The alliance, dreamed up by University of Washington Tacoma professor Ali Modarres, is a diverse group of leaders united by their commitment to working together to boost our region’s economy and improve its quality of life.

Fourteen leaders meet each month to strategize and analyze, diving into detailed data and looking at the big picture — summed up by the slogan “Live Better. Live Local.” The group is currently at work on ways to reduce commutes and develop innovative tools for economic growth. We’re excited by what’s growing, and so are participants. ““We need to change the culture and work together,” one participant said at the June meeting. That’s just what Modarres envisioned — and just what we like to hear! South Sound Together provided funding for the group’s first two years, and the alliance on target to be self-sufficient by the end of the year.

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